Fake Designer Wear

Crimes of smuggling counterfeit clothing from Asia, Malaysia and China is an escalating global problem costing legitimate British businesses an estimated 3.5 billion pounds a year.

To avoid being conned by ‘counterfeit products including fake copies of designer garments; shop wisely, remain vigilent and know your rights!’

Number 1 - The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000
Shoppers in Britain are protected by The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, recently updated to reinforce consumer rights and define new rules for online shoppers. Shopping safety tips can be obtained from: www.oft.gov.uk.

Number 2 - Prior Information
‘Most consumers are familiar with the term Prior Information. However, as a shopper did you know that sellers must provide Prior Information with every purchase.’

Stay Safe When Shopping
Check statutory terms before purchase. These must include; delivery arrangements, terms for payment, supplier's details and consumer’s cancellation terms.

Number 3 - 7 Day Cooling-Off Term
‘If you’ve been mis-sold a designer garment, which turns out to be a fake, what are your rights to obtain a refund?’ Well,the goods news is thatyou’re not a victim! Under the terms of The Distance Selling Regulations, you’re entitled to a 7 day cooling-off term which enables you to obtain a full refund.

Number 4 - What’s the safest method of payment?
As a hint, the answer is, ‘pay by credit card.’If you get ‘ripped off’you’re entitled to a full refund!
Desirable Designer or fake make?  Take the Detective Designer Challenge If, like me, you like the feel and touch of a real silk shirt, and only “real silk” will do, turn Designer Detective to pinpoint any fake garments by taking The Designer Detective Challenge!

The Detective Designer Challenge

Clue 1 - How to spot the fake - Is the price right?
To spot a fake designer garment, remain vigilant and apply common sense. Ask yourself, “is the price right or suspiciously low?”
Always remain suspicious. If a Gucci designer handbag worth £1,000 contains a £10.00 price tag, the chances are it’s a fake! Check the buyer’s description carefully and look for false terms in the product description.

Clue 2 - How to turn designer detective-How to check for fakes
Check the label. Is it genuine? Does the product look desirable, well aligned and expensive? The clue will be in the “feel” of the material. Is the fabric a luxury brand? And finally, check the hemline for neatness. Fake designer brands may contain “uneven hemlines” and even loose or tacky threads.

Clue 3 - Product Origin - Does your designer garment claim to be a designer garment, but look suspiciously like a fake?
If your garment claims to be a designer mens wear or designer womens wear, but looks suspiciously like a fake, giveaway clues to the garment’s authenticity will be found in the origins of the item. Was it mass produced in the sweatshops of China, Asia or India? If the answer’s ‘yes’, it’s a con. Walk away quickly - your seller’s out for a quick buck!
Finally, keep vigilant and happy shopping!