Kids Designer Wear

Most high street children’s retail outlets contain designer brands which are direct copies of the season’s designer catwalk. It has to be said that its often an impossibility to tell the difference between the quality and style of the originator’s expensive brand and a high street copy!

Children’s clothing Age: 0-16 - Children’s Growth Rate
The main consideration for purchasing children’s clothing (between the ages of 0-16) is growth rate.  Children grow out of expensive clothes at an alarming rate and need a continual supply of new shoes and clothes. To capitalise on costs, it often worth recycling children’s designer brands.
Shopping for affordable children’s clothing
Save up to 70% by shopping at a Discount Retail Outlet
Discount Retail Outlets
With over 120 retail outlets of designer stores countrywide (including Brighton, Bicester and Portsmouth) its possible to purchase last season’s designer clothing at less than 70% off the original price.  You can find directions to your nearest discount retail outlet using the internet. 
Children’s Trainers
The latest style in children’s trainers can cost up to £100.00 to purchase at high street shops. At a discount retail outlet you often grab yourself the same trainers for the bargain price of £10.00! Its worth bearing in mind that these outlets can be overcrowded at the weekend and during seasonal holidays.
Tip: For those of us who love a discount designer brand, Ralph Lauren has a discount designer kid’s store at Bicester.
Toddler’s clothing
For brightly coloured toddler’s clothing, shop at Primark, TK Maxx, Gap and Debenhams. 
Tip: To take advantage of seasonal savings get yourself onto the mailing lists for discount clothing and special offers mailing lists. 
EBay - Buying and Selling Children’s Clothing on Ebay
The beauty of shopping on Ebay is that fact that children’s clothes can be resold as soon as they grow out of them!

Ebay - Fake Designs
Over half the clothes sold on Ebay are fake designer wear.  The problem with shopping online is that its often impossible to tell whether a designer bargain is genuine. 

Tip: If you feel you’ve been conned and the product doesn’t meet the product’s description, remember that you have a 7 day cooling off term!

Guide to spotting fake children’s clothing
The general rule of thumb is that if a price on a designer item appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Always remain suspicious of a garment priced at a low rate.  The chances are its not designer!  An Armani children’s sweater costing £200.00 in the shops isn’t likely to sell for £5.99 on Ebay.

A lot of discount clothing is shoddily made with poor stitch-work and use of coarse material.

Sweatshops and Child Labour

It pays to know the origins of your garment and purchase UK brands wherever possible!
Tip: If you’re tempted to purchase a fake designer brand at a ‘knock-off price’ from overseas remember that you could be encouraging ruthless manufacturers to set up sweatshops and utilise child labour.