Women’s Designer Wear

If you’ve ever been ‘stung’ by paying designer prices for fake items, you’ll understand just how annoying it can be to be ripped off!

Its estimated that British companies loses an estimated 10 billion a year resulting from counterfeit trade (which includes fake clothing).

The fightback’s just begun!

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACA) is an international trading agreement currently in its infancy to establish international trading standards relating to intellectual property rights. Proposed new laws mean that the authorities will gain new rights to ‘swoop down’ on counterfeiters, seize their goods and force the criminals to pay compensation to the designer. The new regulations also propose to impose heavy fines and blacklisting for multiple cases of intellectual property crime.

Recent studies reveal that over half the women’s designer clothing and shoes claiming to be highly desirable designer garments on Ebay are, in fact, fakes.  Take a look at the wording on the sites for Chanel bags and Gucci bags, however convincing the buyer’s wording in the advertisement may look, with a price tag of £40.00, its unlikely that the product will be the genuine article.

Authenticity of product
To ensure that you’re not contributing towards the counterfeit market for fake designer clothes, purchase your clothes and shoes from reputable designer stores and official websites.

How to spot fake designer garments
Finish and quality of material
Feel the quality and finish of the garment’s material. Does the material drape well?  Or does it appear to look synthetic?

Is the garment well-finished?
Does the garment look desirable and well-finished?  The give-away clues for ‘fake’ items include ‘uneven hemlines’ which are stitched with threads which match the colour of the material.  Further evidence of fake clothes includes evidence of ‘trailing loose’ threads?

It’s a stitch-up!
Some designers have now started to retain authenticity by ‘stitching in’ ultra-violet light reactive holograms.

EBAY shopping - Fakes
Over half the women’s and kids designer clothing and shoes on Ebay are fake designs.
In accordance with distance selling laws, the product description must match the actual product. To prevent purchasing a fake product, ensure that you read the smallprint and product descriptions.
Misleading terms found on Ebay include ‘Replica trainers’.
Although Replica NIKE trainers may be ‘in the style of Nike’, its highly likely that a replica Nike trainer costing £10.00 won’t be the genuine article.

Question the seller’s motive
Always read the seller’s feedback history for evidence of counterfeit goods or multiple returns.

Not as Described
According to The Distance Selling Regulations, buyer’s must provide a description of an item which matches the product. If you can prove that the product description doesn’t fit the product you’re entitled to a full monetary refund. 
Words like ‘nice’, ‘good’ or ‘quality’ really don’t really describe a product, clarify any points before purchase.